Enrolment Process:

1. An agent and prospective student complete the AISA Student Enrolment Application Form

2. The agent forwards the completed AISA Student Enrolment Application Form, recent academic school reports, copy of passport and any other supporting documentation to the local AISA office (China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Adelaide, etc)

3. The local AISA office forwards all documentation received to AISA Head Office (Admission Officer & AISA Business Development Manager)

4. AISA Head Office logs the student onto an AISA enrolment spreadsheet as prospective student – (Admission Officer)

5. AISA Head Office (AISA Business Development Manager) liaises with an AIS teacher to coordinate an EPET assessment, (if applicable)

6. AISA Business Development Manager liaises with the Alliance schools nominated by the student in their AISA Student Enrolment Application Form to propose the pending enrolment and assess enrolment opportunities

7. If the first listed Alliance school of preference rejects the proposed enrolment, AISA Business Development Manager will approach the next Alliance school nominated by the student

8. AISA Business Development Manager discusses with the Alliance school and agents about the preferred ELICOS provider AIS and provides current details of AIS ELICOS fees (if applicable)

9. Admissions Officer forwards the AISA Student Enrolment Application Form, supporting documentation to the destination school

10. The Alliance school either accepts or rejects the AISA Student Enrolment Application Form

11. AISA Admissions Officer forwards the Application Form of the destination school to the agent for the student to complete

12. The acceptance of an AISA Student Enrolment Application may require an interview by the Alliance school with the student

13. Provisional Letters of Offer and Acceptance of Enrolment are issued by:
– the destination Alliance school
– Adelaide International School as the ELICOS provider (if applicable)
to AISA Head Office (Admissions Officer) who forwards onto the local AISA office and/or direct to the referring agent. This will include all fees charged by the destination Alliance school and Adelaide International School associated with the proposed enrolment

14. The family signs the Acceptance of Enrolment Forms and returns it to the destination Alliance school and Adelaide International School with payments for scheduled fees

15. The destination Alliance school and Adelaide International School issue CoE’s and CAAW’s to AISA Head Office (Admission Officer) who then forwards to the AISA local office and/or agent

Please Note: Points 12, 13 and 14 above may alter where the destination Alliance school issues a Letter of Offer and CoE incorporating the ELICOS component and reimburses Adelaide International School through invoice arrangements.

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