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Adelaide Independent Schools Alliance is a collaboration of premier non-government schools in South Australia. Members of the Alliance recognise the need for a holistic approach to student recruitment where support for the student’s welfare extends beyond enrolment. Arriving in an English-speaking country with limited language skills, and a lack of awareness of local cultures can be daunting, particularly for young students. The Alliance recognises the challenges for international students to be successful in their transition into Adelaide schools. At the core of the Alliance model is a cost-effective program through which students become informed and prepared. This starts with a purpose designed assessment of their English language skills that allows the development of an individual learning plan to help them meet the entry requirements of premium schools.


What do we do?

Access to ELICOS
Alliance members do not need to individually register and manage an ELICOS program. A centralized ELICOS site enables schools to use a reliable and cost-effective English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program in the central business district of Adelaide. ELICOS is available for Primary through to Secondary age students. It is accessible to those students who have already decided which Alliance school they will attend as well those students who will only make that decision when they are nearing the completion of their ELICOS course.
Assistance with transition of students
Students are often quite nervous about their arrival and their first few days in a new country. Adelaide International School, as a member of the Alliance, provides a transitional environment where several of the staff they first meet are from overseas and are multi-lingual. As a part of their EAP, students participate in a cultural orientation program that prepares and increases their understanding of their new cultural environment, assisting them to integrate more easily into their school community. This also assists their academic performance.
Assisting students who need further language development
The Alliance program is focused on English for Academic Purposes (EAP) training as well as the cultural orientation of students. Schools who have a number of vacancies can make conditional offers to potential students who will continue to prepare for entry into the school’s mainstream classes until they attain the required standard.


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