Pembroke is a vibrant and exciting School catering for a diverse community of students. The School was established in 1974 through the amalgamation of two neighbouring schools – Girton Girls’ School and King’s College, a school for boys.

Students develop skills and attributes that help manage the demands of their education now and in the future: academic expertise, perseverance, self-discipline, resourcefulness, collaboration, independence, eloquence, grit, spark, creative and critical thinking, craftsmanship, adaptation to change, and engagement with technology. Students are guided and inspired by outstanding teachers who are actively encouraged to explore new and emerging thinking in education generally, and in their areas of expertise.

Our educational philosophy recognises that students and staff thrive when all aspects of their life are acknowledged. Pembroke challenges students to deepen and broaden their intellectual, social, physical, creative, emotional and spiritual nature. Pembroke challenge students to understand each aspect of their nature and how one relates to another. Pembroke believes that a healthy and fulfilled life strikes a balance across these characteristics.

All students can find their place at Pembroke, and students support one another in their individual and collective pursuits.

Towards achieving student fulfillment and understanding, we offer an extensive array of academic programs including SACE and IB, co-curricular opportunities, and pastoral and wellbeing programs in each of the Junior, Middle and Senior schools.

Pembroke School’s Year 12 academic results are consistently excellent, and outstanding compared with state, national and international (IB) averages.

The tone of our School is underpinned by an egalitarian, engaged community encompassing staff, students, parents and old scholars.