Welcome to the Alliance

Many of the premier non-government schools in Adelaide have joined to form the Adelaide Independent Schools Alliance (AISA) to provide a simplified pathway for international students to access high quality Primary and Secondary education in South Australia.

Member schools of the Alliance recognise the need for a consistent and unified approach to the recruitment of students from overseas, where support for each student’s welfare extends from the time of initial application through to graduation from secondary school.

Arriving in an English-speaking country with limited English language skills, and a low awareness of local culture can be daunting, particularly for young students. AISA recognises these challenges for international students and assists them to make a successful transition into Adelaide schools.

At the core of the Alliance model is a cost-effective program for the support and development of students. This starts at Adelaide International School with a purpose-designed assessment of their English language skills that subsequently leads to the development of an appropriate learning plan to help them meet the entry requirements of premium schools.